We take care of the technical aspects of your business

With companies reliance on Technology, IT related problems have become more common than you may think and may hinder business if not dealt with properly. 

With ElMajos team, you can be sure that we will do what it takes to prevent, mitigate, and fix any IT-related problems your company or business may have. Our experienced team of professionals will proactively check and manage your IT system in order to eliminate problems and downtime, as well as make sure that your systems are secured. To know more about how your business can benefit from our Managed IT Services provision, simply reach out to us.



Our Team is filled with professionals from all walks in the IT field.



We are available to help anytime you reach out to us.



Our solutions are designed to be cost-effective.

Who is Managed IT Services For

Your company deserve to run smoothly and efficiently

No matter the size of your company, making use of the right technology and maintaining it, is vital for your business operations success.

Whether your business has an established IT department that requires additional assistance to handle business challenges or get it to the next level, or you are just not sure where to start from with your business IT needs and implementation, we are here to help.

We provide comprehensive managed IT services so that you can focus on the core aspect of your business, freeing you from unnecessary stress and getting you more time for growth and innovation while we take care of the technical aspects of things.

We have grown over the years solving diverse challenges and providing various solutions for a variety of companies including those in the sector of energy, healthcare, agribusiness, entertainment, logistics, hospitality, finance, construction, and more.

To learn how we can help your company unlock the potential of its existing technology and perform better, just contact us.

Why Our Services

We Help Companies to Grow

We are devoted to supporting businesses to increase productivity, efficiency, and profitability.

By entrusting ElMajos to handle your information technology services, you can rest assure to be provided with IT solutions tailored to your business need with the assurance of IT best practices including backup and security being handled.

IT Support

IT Products

IT System Auditing

IT Disaster Recovery

IT Solutions Development

You need to know

An unoptimized IT system is not a Technical problem but rather a Business problem

What we bring onboard

Supporting Your Business

Proactive Support

Break and fix support is not an effective way to manage a business, you don't have to wait for your system to break before you fix it. Thus we engage our clients with our proactive support where our engineers identify potential issues and fix them even before they occur.

Support Plan

We have realized over the years that businesses are diverse as the clients they serve, and so are their needs and requirements. We have then develop fixed and tailored IT support plans to serve them, and regardless your choice, your business will make the most out of it.

Flexible Plan

We understand that some businesses may want much more flexible arrangements, with the option to use our services on an irregular basis, as and when required. And, we gladly just provide them such service without forcing them to a fixed contract.

What to expect

Why are Managed IT Services so important for your business

Peace of Mind

No matter what IT related challenge you might be facing, our IT experts will be at your door steps to sort you out. We take care of your IT so you can focus on running your business sucessfully.

Full System Covered

Our managed services include both your software and hardware, making sure all aspects of your IT system are being well handled, preventing you from loss of data and any other related issues.

Less Downtime

With our proactive services, we identify, resolve or mitigate IT related issues even before they start causing problems, making you having less downtime due to technical issues.

IT system at its best

We know how much technology is important to your business and our IT professionals will make sure your system run at its best, enabling you to make the most our your IT investments.

Our Services

Our Most Requested Managed IT Services

Proactive Support / Regular Maintenance

Keeping your IT system up and running efficiently is our main concern. We provide regular scheduled onsite evaluations, software update and patch management. Our proactive services is designed such a way to provide you with the feeling of having your own IT department working for you continuously and tirelessly.

Data Protection / Data Recovery

Planning for Business continuity in the event of natural disaster, power outage, cyber attack and many other disruptive events has become more important nowadays, especially in Africa where we are prone to such events. We put in place IT strategies for Data Recovery and to ensure your Business always runs.

System Installation and Administration

Whether you are relocating, expanding your offices, or need experts to take charge of your IT system for better productivity, we will be available to help with its full Administration from the Hardware and Software planning and installation, to the full system management, maintenance and support.

IT System Audit and Assessment

As nowadays, Businesses rely more and more on their IT System for decision making and daily operations, it has become paramount to make sure that system is safe from attacks and operating as it is supposed to. We deal with the identification and analysis of potential risks, their mitigation or removal.

Having a Project in Mind

Our Experts Will Love To Discuss That With You.